Rosies and Posies is a florist serving the Saratoga area. We have over 25 years of experience in the floral industry and take pride in offering unparalleled services. Whether you are sending a bouquet “just because” or need stunning flowers for your wedding, we can help with gorgeous floral designs.

Our Florist Services
Rosies and Posies Saratoga is a full-service florist. We are not a flower broker, which means that flowers ordered from us will be arranged by us. That means you can always expect the same high level of artistry when you order flowers from Rosies and Posies! We put care into each flower bouquet that we craft. Flowers are always fresh and open into impressive blooms. In addition to making flower arrangements for all occasions, we can create custom floral designs for events like weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and corporate events.

We Make Quality Our Priority
We ensure that each bouquet is of the highest quality by closely controlling the artistry at every step. Our flowers are sourced from local providers and exotic blends are expediently shipped to guarantee freshness. The quality of the flowers means that bouquets from Rosies and Posies Saratoga florist will last longer and you can enjoy the blooms for days.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back
Over the years, Rosies and Posies florist has become a landmark in the community. Our customers stop in for a bouquet and then keep coming back to us for flowers for all their important occasions and milestones in life. The reason is because our customers know they can count on us for beautiful arrangements of the highest quality. Most importantly, they know that Rosies and Posies Saratoga florist will listen to their needs.

Our customers are often giving flowers for very important occasion, like anniversaries or holidays. It is important that the flowers are just right for these occasions. The Rosies and Posies Saratoga florists will listen to your description of the occasion or personality of the recipient and then help you choose the perfect bouquet. No matter how busy we get, we promise that we will take the time to give you the individual attention you deserve and be respectful of your unique wishes. This is how we have come to develop such close relationships with our customers over the years.

Find out why so many Californians call Rosies and Posies their florist. Browse through our selection of flowers online or contact us to order flowers for your occasion.

Saratoga Florist
Flower Arrangements and Flower Delivery
12295 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd #710
(408) 883-5221

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